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Planning to open a retail or service business? Learn how to find wholesalers who can provide the supplies you need! It’s not always easy, especially with all the wholesalers out there. In USA alone, there are 300,000+ wholesalers and distributors. So, you should do proper research to select the right company for your business. 


How to Find Wholesalers for your Business

Choosing the right distributor is important, because this is where many of your supplies will come from.


1.      Understand the Wholesale Industry

The wholesale industry is a large market which involves many parts. And only 50 of the largest wholesale distributors alone generate about 25% of the entire industry’s revenue. That’s because these major players dominate the distribution channels.

Goods usually begin at manufacturers, importers and exclusive distributors. Then, they are distributed or sold bulk to regional or local wholesalers. Finally, brokers or jobbers sell the supplies to small enterprises in their area.


2.      Volume is Important

Buying in bulk means lower wholesale prices. Of course, that translates to higher profit for your business. That’s the focal point for how the wholesale industry operates.

However, it is sometimes impractical for small enterprises to purchase such large quantities. Maybe you don’t need such volume of supplies. Or maybe the larger distributors don’t view you as a valuable customer just yet. This makes volume an important part of how to find wholesalers for business startups.

The solution? Find smaller wholesalers who can provide you smaller volume of supplies for now. When your business blooms, that’s when you should think of forming relationships with bigger distributors.


3.      Carefully Search for a Wholesaler

After understanding the points above, you’re now ready to find a wholesaler to trust. Here are valuable tips to remember:


  • Go online to find wholesalers you need. Check, distributors organizations and wholesaler directories among other platforms. Begin by searching for product wholesalers, then localize it by state, city or zip code. This is suitable on how to find wholesalers for Amazon as well.
  • Join trade shows so you can easily find wholesalers according to industries. Use online trade show directories to find events that fit you.
  • Check trade magazines, since wholesalers often place their ads on it.
  • Ask other businesses about their source of supplies. Of course, don’t ask your competitors, instead, ask business owners from different places. Business events, business startup development centers and chamber of commerce among other venues are great opportunities for this.
  • Yes, product manufacturers sell in large quantities. But you can ask them about wholesalers they trust in distributing their products.

4.      Prepare for the Wholesale Agreement

Begin your due diligence after finding a wholesaler. Ask about key points, like order processing, return policies and discounts on volume. Then, negotiate for terms on pricing, minimum order volume and schedule of delivery among other valuable points. Be sure to include it in your agreement contract.

If you really want to be extra cautious, you can consult a lawyer and let them check your contract before signing.

Now, you know how to find wholesalers for your business. Always remember to do your research carefully and you’ll be in good shape!  


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Bobby Fallas

Bobby Fallas

30 plus years of wholesale experience