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Your source for shelf pulls, liquidation pallets and Amazon customer returns

Take It By The Pallet connects resellers with the best deals on shelf pulls, liquidation pallets, and Amazon customer returns. From pallets of clothing to pallets of electronics, find merchandise for PENNIES on the dollar.

We also are always looking to buy goods as well. We buy pallets, truckloads, and have a track record of helping to clear out entire warehouses from 50,000 to 500,000 square feet and up.

So just call (516) 816-9951 and you will be talking with Bobby in no time flat and we will help you with whatever your needs are!

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Dont miss out the best deals. Choose from quality shelf pulls, liquidation pallets, and Amazon customer returns.

Our inventory of high-quality merchandise is a gold mine for vendors, wholesalers, online retailers, and exporters. Get pallets of BRAND NEW and LIKE-NEW goods for pennies on the dollar. Rounding errors are larger than what we are charging for these pallets. Make an appointment, today!