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Liquidation Pallets: Tips to Bid on Pallets & Boost Profits

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Reselling is an attractive business. Most people start out of their home, selling items that they no longer want. But, to turn a reselling strategy into a business that earns more than just extra change, you'll need to invest in some inventory. Bidding on pallets and buying liquidation pallets is one of the most common ways to do just that

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Reselling Pallets


Wholesale Liquidation Pallets: Discounts for any Sales Channel



Where can I buy liquidation pallets?

There are many places to buy pallets of off-price goods. Thanks to YouTube and the internet, resellers now know about Amazon customer returns. There are plenty of unboxing videos that show the process of ordering Amazon customer returns through online liquidation centers and wholesalers. But, in many cases, there are large amounts of product that is broken, heavily used, or just plain invaluable.

Thankfully, there are other types of off-price merchandise that resellers can purchase. At Take It By The Pallet, we mostly buy shelf pulls. Shelf pulls is a merchandising term to describe surplus items. Shelf pulls are sometimes referred to as overstock, surplus or closeout items. But, what makes the shelf pulls different is that they are usually "pulled" or removed from stock because of merchandising real estate demands.



The cost of shipping pallets of merchandise

Buying liquidation pallets through online liquidation centers comes with a big shipping price tag. In some cases, the price to ship your items can be double that of what you paid for the pallet itself. So, if you can actually go, in person, to a facility that sells liquidation pallets, that's your best bet to get the highest return on your investment.

At Take It By The Pallet, we encourage our customers to come to visit us, see the pallets in person and bring their pallets of merchandise home. That way, they can save on heavy shipping costs and boost their profits.

The quality of the pallet merchandise matters

Of course, you want your pallet of merchandise to be filled with quality goods. With customer returns and other off-price merchandise, it can be difficult to predict how much you'll be able to resell. Like anything else, there are trade-offs between buying pallets that are so heavily discounted. If there is limited information about the items or a shipping manifest that doesn't really tell you what the merchandise pallet holds, it can put you in a risky situation.

Especially if you're paying a hefty price for shipping, you need to be able to resell a certain percentage of the goods to make a profit. Again, that's why shelf pulls are an attractive type of merchandise. Because the items are often unopened and in great condition, there's less risk for the buyer.

Buying low and selling high is at the core of any successful business. But if you’re going to be successful, you need to know as much as possible about the goods your buying. At Take It By The Pallet, we do our best to provide more product photos and information than our competitors.



Resale Value: Best items to buy low and sell high

Based on our experience and advice from online publishers like Money Crashers and Finance Super Heroes, below are some items with high resale values.

  • Books and Textbooks
  • Picture Frames
  • Video Games
  • Brand-Name Clothes or Clothing Lots
  • Pyrex and Glassware
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Records and Record Players
  • Anything With a Tag

Again, savvy resellers are always on the lookout for a good deal. But a low price doesn't result in a smart buy if the product loses a substantial portion of its value once purchased. Make sure to understand the quality of the merchandise and any related costs before you buy.

Wholesale Liquidation Pallets: Discounts for any Sales Channel

If you're looking for wholesale liquidation pallets, look no further. Here's your guide to maximizing resale profits for any sales channel. 

What is a liquidation pallet?    
Why would anyone buy returned items?    
Where can I buy wholesale liquidation pallets?    
What does liquidation sale mean?    
Which sales channels buy from us?    
Wholesalers & Distributors    
Discount Retailers    
Online Sellers    
Flea Market Vendors    
Why buy from Take It By The Pallet?    

What is a liquidation pallet?

A liquidation pallet is a bundle of merchandise that is stacked on a wooden pallet. In the liquidation industry, the term pallet is used to refer to a “pallet of merchandise.”


The actual "pallet" is a flat structure -- usually made of wood. It holds merchandise so that it can be lifted by a forklift. 

 man moving wholesale liquidation pallets

The entire pallet is usually wrapped in clear film, to keep everything together during transport. Just think of the wooden pallet as part of the packaging. What we really sell is the merchandise that sits on top.


In the wholesale and resale world, these pallets often contain off-priced goods or returned items. 

Why would anyone buy returned items? 

Turns out, there is a multi-million dollar business behind reselling customer returns. It's expensive for large retailers to deal with customer returns. It's actually less expensive for them to turn around and sell those returns in bulk -- to guys like us. 

Often times, that merchandise is in new condition. So, we get really great deals on large quantities of goods that are in new (or like-new) condition. 

Where can I buy wholesale liquidation pallets?

There are plenty of online retailers that sell wholesale liquidation pallets. But, if you order pallets online, make sure to pay attention to the shipping price.


The pallets are usually heavy, which can make the cost of shipping very expensive. Often times, the cost of shipping is actually more than the pallet itself. 


To avoid paying hefty shipping fees, look for a wholesaler in your area. If you drive and pick up your pallet, you'll probably end up saving more than 50% off the total cost. 


If you're in the New York / Metro area -- you know who to call. Call me (Bobby) directly at 631-333-0073?. I'll hook you up. 

What does liquidation sale mean?

A liquidation sale usually refers to the process of selling off a company's inventory. It's usually done fast and at a big discount.


Most often, a liquidation sale happens before a business closes. They try to get what they can for their inventory before they close up shop. 


Because they're in a rush to sell off their assets, they prioritize speed over profit. It's a last-ditch effort to get what they can for their items. 

Which sales channels buy from us? 

Our wholesale liquidation pallets are a good fit for almost any off-price sales channel. This includes other wholesalers and distributors. Many of our customers are off-price and discount retailers, or online sellers.


Exporters and flea market vendors also look to us for the best deals on wholesale liquidation pallets. 

Wholesalers & Distributors

Wholesalers and distributors come to us to buy in volume. Rather than buy single wholesale liquidation pallets, they buy by the truckload. 


We offer discounts for high-volume purchases, so they get discounts on top of already discounted merchandise. 

Discount Retailers

Discount retailers generally buy in bulk too, but they also buy by the pallet. We work out highly competitive deals with our retail partners. 


Discount retailers are often interested in our shelf-pulls because they're in new condition. Shelf pulls are like gold for off-price sellers. If you want to learn more about what makes shelf pulls so great, we break it down for you here

Online Sellers

eBay and Amazon are a mecca for off-price sellers. It can take a bit more time to sell products online, but it's usually worth it. If you're patient, you can find a buyer who will pay close to the original value of the merchandise. 


We have great relationships with our online sellers. They usually look for retail returns, overstock and other forms of excess inventory.


If you're looking for tips on how to boost profits online, we've got you covered. Check out our insider tips here.


Even though we're Long Island locals, we work with companies overseas. We have clients from all around the world. We have the logistics know-how to get our export clients high-quality merchandise and the lowest possible costs.

Flea Market Vendors

Many of our clients are flea market vendors. Veteran flea market vendors know that buying in bulk for resale is the name of the game. 

Our flea market clients generally have a niche selling certain goods. So, we work with them to select the pallets that work best with their market strategy. 

Why buy from Take It By The Pallet? 

As you can tell by now, we work with lots of different types of people. But, we take the time to get to know them so that we can recommend the best merchandise for their sales channel. 


A lot of the time, wholesalers are big, national corporations. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who will work with you one-on-one, and take the time to give you the advice you need. 


I've been working in the wholesale industry for over 30 years. It's true that this industry is all about who you know. So, if you need a guy that's "in the know," give me a call.


If you're in the resale business, you already know that buying low and selling high is the main goal. But, it's also important not to sacrifice the quality of your items. You want to find items that have high resale values but are being heavily discounted for one reason or another. That's where liquidation pallets come in. Now, you're probably thinking "where can I find liquidation pallets near me?" We're going to break it down for you. Learn more about:HOW TO FIND DEALS ON  liquidation pallets near me

Amazon customer returns are a gold mine for resellers. Resellers have stopped hunting for deals at garage sales and thrift stores. Instead, they're buying goods by the pallet to save time, money, and maximize their profits. Amazon customer returns are getting a lot of attention thanks to unboxing videos on YouTube. But, there's another less-known way to make a profit from liquidation: shelf pulls. "Shelf pulls" is a merchandising term to describe surplus items. Unlike customer returns, these items are unopened and are in new condition. Shelf pulls happen because of miscalculations in pricing or poor forecasting from the manufacturer. Let's look at the main differences between Amazon customer returns and shelf pulls. We'll weigh the pros and cons of both, and talk about which one represents a greater potential for resellers.


Customer returns often end up in auction for business owners to buy in bulk. Business owners then bid on pallets of such items since these are often sold at a great price. That’s why you should learn how to bid on such items from the right sources for better profit today. Learn more about:  Successfully Buy or Bid on Pallets of Customer Returns for Profit

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Shelf pulls are the most sought-after type of overstock merchandise. That’s because shelf pulls are usually in like-new condition. Usually, it’s inventory that needs to be moved for inventory management reasons. But, in the wholesale business, one man’s problem is another man’s profit. Learn more about:  SHELF PULLS: HOW SURPLUS ITEMS CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS

The resale business can be complicated to navigate. There are many places to buy merchandise below wholesale prices or off-price items. And, to really master the resale business, it's important to understand the industry. This way, you'll be in a better position to buy the right merchandise, understand what you're buying, and what items have the greatest resale potential. Let's look at some merchandising terms that you should know for buying and selling off-price goods. Learn more about:  MASTERING THE RESALE BUSINESS: MERCHANDISING TERMS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Amazon Customer Returns: Guide to Buying and Selling Returns Amazon customer returns are a gold mine for resellers. Resellers have stopped hunting for deals at garage sales and thrift stores. Instead, they're buying goods by the pallet to save time, money, and maximize their profits. Learn more about:  AMAZON CUSTOMER RETURNS: GUIDE TO BUYING AND SELLING RETURNS

Walmart Liquidation Pallets: Everything you Need to Know Before Buying Walmart is one of the largest, most successful retailers in the world. Its everyday low price strategy keeps shoppers coming back for great deals. And, its not just retail customers that benefit from Walmarts low-priced goods. Resellers also benefit from Walmarts massive supply chain through Walmart liquidation pallets. So, if youre a reseller, this ones for you. Well cover everything you need to know about buying Walmart liquidation pallets. Why buy them, where to buy them, and tips for you to get the most bang for your buck. Learn more about:  walmart liquidation pallets

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