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Liquidation Pallet Live Auction Feb 17th 2021

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To start the video, click the Play button in the center of the video player.

Full Screen

To expand for full screen hit the two opposing arrows at the bottom right hand side of the video.

To escape the full screen mode, click the same arrows at the bottom right hand side of the video or hit (ESC) on the top left-hand corner of your keyboard.


To control the audio, there is a speaker icon to the left of the full screen button. Click on it, then click and drag to adjust the sound.

Screen Quality

To adjust screen quality, to the left of the speaker button there are 4 small bars. Click on them to choose the quality of the feed.


If you reverse the video to re-watch a part of the concert and want to get back to the live feed, click the ‘Live’ button on the bottom left-hand side of the video. You will be brought back to the live feed.

How To Ask a Question

Click the "Ask a Question" button below the video player. Type in the information requested along with your question. Click "Submit" and then "Close."

We will answer your questions live!

How to Purchase a Pallet

Click the "Buy a Pallet" below the video player.

Hover over the pallet and click the "Add to Cart" button. This will bring you to the checkout page where you can finish the purchasing process.

How to View Pallets

Click the "Buy a Pallet" button below the video player. You will be directed to a page that lists all of the pallets.

Hover over the pallet and click the "View Details" button to view more information.

You will also see a timestamp associated with the pallet. This is the time you can see it in the live stream. You can jump directly to that time to view the pallet being unboxed.

How To Make a Deal

Call in to (516) 816-9951 and negotiate a price with Bobby, our chief deal maker.

We will negotiate with you live!