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How to Find Deals on Liquidation Pallets Near Me

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If you're in the resale business, you already know that buying low and selling high is the main goal. But, it's also important not to sacrifice the quality of your items. You want to find items that have high resale values but are being heavily discounted for one reason or another. That's where liquidation pallets come in. Now, you're probably thinking "where can I find liquidation pallets near me?" We're going to break it down for you.

Why are liquidation pallets valuable?

It's important to understand the main reasons that high-value items are sold for well below cost. Understanding why companies are looking to get rid of their goods helps you understand their value.

Bigger companies sometimes need to get rid of brand new products from their shelves. This could be because they poorly forecasted the demand for the product. It could also be because they want to free up space for new items. This situation is known as a "shelf pull." Some other common terms for shelf pulls are overstock, surplus, or closeouts. Essentially, these shelf pulls can be a gold mine for resellers. Getting brand new items for pennies on the dollar is the ultimate way to buy low and sell high.

Then, there are customer returns. Customer returns are another great way to get inventory for cheap and sell high. Ans, there's a reason why buying pallets of customer returns is on the rise. Major companies like Amazon are finding that it's actually cheaper to sell off customer returns than to send them back to the seller. The logistics involved in actually returning the goods to the sender are often more than the value of the item. But, Amazon's challenge is a reseller's opportunity.

What to look for in liquidation pallets near me

If you've found a niche reselling business, you'll want to find a liquidation company that will group similar items together. For example, if you've found success selling instruments online, you'll want to find a pallet of merchandise that's mostly related to music. Of course, it's common that not every single item is going to be of interest to you. But, grouping like-items will be a great start.

Many resellers, though, do not have the need for niche items. Selling on eBay and flea markets attracts many people - all looking for different types of items. The main goal here is to find high-ticket items selling for much less than cost. In this case, finding a wholesaler that specializes in shelf pulls and newer items will help.



Buying liquidation pallets near you might be tricky. Many times, wholesales and distributors won't put too much time and resources into advertising. That's part of how they keep the prices so low on their liquidation pallets. But, finding a local wholesaler that offers shelf pulls and customer returns is key. If you've tried to buy any pallets of merchandise online, you know that shipping can add up quickly.


A good way to find a local wholesaler is to do a search for "liquidation pallets near me" + your city name. Then, look at the map to see the wholesalers that are closest to you. Sometimes, the hours at warehouses can vary. It's a good idea to call beforehand to make sure the warehouse is open and they have the type of items you're looking for.

At Take It By The Pallet, we make it our priority to connect our customers to merchandise that makes sense for their business. We've been in the industry for over 30 years, so our insight is valuable to our customers. We know what items are likely to move quickly, and how to provide our customers with items they need. For more on that, check out our tips on how to big on pallets and boost profits.

Don't miss out on deals, take them by the pallet

Many of our customers come to us from all over the North East. Take It By The Pallet has locations all over Long Island. Our main warehouse is in Farmingdale, New York. If you're looking for pallets of merchandise in New York, or you're in a neighboring state, you're welcome to stop by.

Our relationships with our customers are important to us. We make an effort to keep our valued clients posted on items we know they're interested in. So, call us to talk about what you might need. We'll be able to give you a quote over the phone and even send you photos of a pallet if need be.

What are you waiting for? Come and pick up your pallets of merchandise in Long Island, today!

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Bobby Fallas

Bobby Fallas

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