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The Game

Play the greatest online game ever.

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Everyone loves a game, here is your chance to pit your knowledge and cunning against the Pallet Pros. Pitch your pallet and walk away richer!

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Are You an Expert?

Be one of the 5 panelists featured on each show. As a Pallet Pro you can plug your company, show the world what ya got. Match wits with the Playa's and come away with Liquidation Pallet gold!

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The Game

An Online Interactive Live Gameshow, that takes Shark Tank, The Price is Right, Storage Wars, and Deal or No Deal, throws them into a blender to create a delectably delicious game show format as satisfying as a double Cookie Dough, Heath Bar, triple fudge Chocolate McFlurry.

The ultimate online unboxing video, the internet's version of comfort food.

Guaranteed to be more satisfying than binging 200 cat videos back to back!

The Players

The Liquidator:
Provider of a truck load of Liquidation Pallets.

The Contestants:
A group of Players who initially bid on the Liquidation Pallets.

The Playa':
The Contestant that submits a winning bid for two pallets in a round, buys them from the Liquidator and enters into play against the Pallet Pros to flip their Liquidation Pallets.

The Pallet Pros:
A group of industry experts with special knowledge in any of a group of areas including E-Bay, Wholesale, Retail, Flea Market, Import/Export and other appropriate areas, who attempt to buy the Liquidation Pallets from the Playa'.

The Strategy

In a round of play, Contestants bid to buy two pallets of merchandise from the Liquidator, one unboxed, and one unseen -- except from the outside of the pallet. The winning Contestant becomes the Playa’ and tries to earn money by flipping the pallets during the round to one of the Pallet Pros as more and more of the second pallet is revealed.

The Game

A Show starts with a truck full of Liquidation Pallets backing into a warehouse. The load will have been coordinated for delivery by The Liquidator of the merchandise. The contents of the truck will be unknown to any of The Contestants or The Pallet Pros.

A truck will typically have around 24 pallets of merchandise on the truck.

A typical show will have 12 rounds of 2 pallets each.

A round begins as one of the material handlers removes two pallets of merchandise from the truck and positions them in the staging area.

The Contestants will have an online game controller that is located on a web page personalized for them and will contain:

1. A window to view the live stream of the show, which is typically 20-40 seconds delayed. All contestants will have access to the same stream with similar delay depending on network conditions. The live stream will have controls to rewind the stream and then jump back to live as needed.

2. A form to submit bids.

3. A form to make payment if they are the winning bidder.

4. A button to connect live into the show to play out the round with the Pallet Pros and to appear in the live stream.

As the initial unload happens in the background on the live stream we cut over to The Liquidator to get a feel for what he or she can tell us about the content of the truck, what it may be worth, what they hope to get out of it, and why they think this might be a good load.

The live stream will show the introduction of each of the Pallet Pros, giving information about their background, their expertise, and what they think about the Liquidators comments on the load.

The Round

Two Pallets are placed on the unboxing stage and the live stream will pan around the outside of each of the pallets. The Contestants and the Pallet Pros can get a feel for the two pallets based on what can be seen from the perimeter.

The first of the two pallets is unboxed and the contents displayed on the live stream. Each box or item is thoroughly but quickly displayed and then laid out on the ground. Contestants may hear comments from the Pallet Pros as the items come into view. Contestants can take these comments into consideration, but always being cognizant that later in the round the Pallet Pros will be trying to buy the two pallets from the Contestant. Contestants can take notes and look up items on the internet while the process unfolds.

After the first pallet is completely unboxed, a 60 second period starts for the Contestants to use the form in their online game controller to make a bid on the two pallets, the unboxed pallet and the one remaining to be unboxed later in the round. Contestants can rewind the live stream at any time, but all bids must be in within 60 seconds from the start of bidding.

The Contestants are making a combined bid on BOTH pallets.

Pallet Pros CANNOT bid on the pallets at this time.

Upon expiration of the 60 second bidding period, a winning Contestant bid is determined, the winner than pays for the Pallets using the online payment portal in the game controller, and upon confirmation of payment, the winning Contestant now becomes the Playa’ for the round. The Playa’, will use the Real Time Communication Portal in the game controller to connect into show and will be a part of the live feed. The Liquidator receives the payment made by the Playa’.

The new Playa’ will be introduced via the live stream to the online audience of remaining Contestants and to the Pallet Pros.

At this time, the Pallet Pros will enter play for the round. Based on what they have seen and know, using their online game controller, they will all make a current bid on the pallets; the bids can be any negative or positive number.

The Playa’ will also make an ask as to what he or she is willing to currently take for the two pallets.

The bids will be displayed on the live stream, which is 20 – 40 seconds delayed, but will not be announced on the real time feed, so Pallet Pros and the Playa’ can see what the numbers were in the past, but do not know what they currently are. This can be used in the strategy of both the Pallet Pros and the Playa’.

Bids may be changed by the Playa’ or any of the Pallet Pros at any time during the remainder of the round.

Pallet Pros and the Playa’ will engage in back and forth verbal comments in an attempt to influence each other during the play.

If at any time the Playa’s ask is less than any of the Pallet Pros bids, than the highest Pallet Pros bid will buy the two pallets from the Playa’ for the amount of the Pallet Pros bid.

Play continues as the second pallet begins to be unboxed. Pallet Pros bids and the Playas ask can be changed at any time as more items are revealed until any bid is higher than the ask at which time play for the round ends, with the remainder of the pallet being unboxed for everyone to see and comment on.

If the ask never drops below any of the bids and the second pallet is completely unboxed, then the round ends with a final canvas of the Pallet Pros to see if they want to meet the current ask. If not, then the Playa’ takes delivery of the Pallet.

The unboxing stage is cleared and then the next round begins.

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The Contestant Fee includes setting up a personalized, secure, game controller webpage for the Contestant for a specific show and will allow the Contestant to view the live stream and bid on Liquidation Pallets during the game rounds, and then enter into the live stream to compete against the Pallet Pros if they are the winner of the round.

Your name will remain on the Candidate list for up to one year from the date of the application or permanently if you continue to accept Contestant Offers for successive shows. Each show requires a separate $49 Contestant fee regardless of previous show participation.

Contestants from the previous show will be given priority to participate in the next show. If they choose not to than the next eligible Candidate on the Candidate list will be notified of their eligibility.

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