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Shelf Pulls: How Surplus Items Can Help Your Business

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Shelf pulls are the most sought-after type of overstock merchandise. That’s because shelf pulls are usually in like-new condition. Usually, it’s inventory that needs to be moved for inventory management reasons. But, in the wholesale business, one man’s problem is another man’s profit.

1)  Shelf pulls usually consist of brand new merchandise

Like we mentioned earlier, the major benefit of shelf pulls is the condition that they’re in. As resellers, the profit we can make is directly tied to the quality of the goods. Simply put, quality merchandise leads to higher profit margins. Shelf pulls help you strike a balance between low costs and quality. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for heavily discounted items.

2)  Selling shelf pulls helps keep protect your reputation as a reseller

The quality of shelf pulls also helps protect your reputation. Shelf pulls help us limit the amount of damaged or broken merchandise you sell. This helps keep customers happy and keeps them coming back.

In this industry, word of mouth is a powerful thing. If your customers regularly receive damaged items, it could quickly impact your business negatively.

3)  Shelf pulls have a high return on investment

As a reseller your margin is the difference between the cost of the goods and what you can sell it for. Shelf pulls can be resold at higher costs than assorted customer returns. This makes shelf pulls highly attractive to resellers. Ultimately, the return on investment, or ROI on shelf pulls is higher than other types of off-price goods.

How to get started reselling merchandise

Finding a wholesaler that sells shelf pulls isn’t always easy. And, to get the best prices on the inventory or pallets they have in stock, you’ll probably end up buying a decently sized portion of inventory. For that reason, it’s always good to seek out local wholesalers. This will help you save on shipping costs, which can easily amount to close to the price of the merchandise itself.

Developing a relationship with a local, independent wholesaler has many benefits. Small to mid-sized wholesalers might be even be willing to take requests. For example, if you refurbish and sell musical instruments, a local wholesaler might give you a heads up when they get a new batch of guitars. Or, they might even put things aside for you that you might be interested in.

Are you in the tri-state area?

If you’re located near the tri-state area, you’re in luck. Take It By the Pallet your go-to source for shelf pulls. Our customers come to us from all over the map for the lowest prices on off-price goods. Come on down to take a look through our warehouse. We just ask that you give us a call first and make an appointment. That way, we’ll be able to show you exactly what you’re looking for when you get here.


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Bobby Fallas

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