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Unboxing Videos

You have probably found yourself awake at 3 AM in a YouTube rabbit hole watching the weirdly mesmerizing unboxing videos of the latest phone or laptop. -- I have never understood why we watch those; you know what is inside the box! It is a phone! But these videos get millions and millions of views, so it is obvious there is a curiosity to know exactly what is inside the box. Here at Take It By The Pallet, we want to bring that same concept to the pallet sales industry, where what's inside the box actually is a mystery and knowing what's inside the box can be the difference between a flip and a flop.

So what exactly are unboxing videos?

What is an Unboxing Video?

An unboxing video is a video that documents the process of unboxing a product for the first time. The unboxer shows all the contents of the box and describe the details of unboxing the item. The unboxer often narrates their experience and sometimes provides opinionated commentary. It is especially popular among tech products, but it could be anything from kids’ toys, to power tools, to supplements. Most of these videos have a home-made feel to them because they are exactly that. Real people unboxing real products and sharing their experience.

Check out these unboxing videos:

Why do People Watch Unboxing Videos?

Honestly, this is still a mystery to me. I am not even sure why I keep watching unboxing videos when they pop up, but they are hard to peel yourself away from. My guess is that it allows viewers to vicariously experience a product. It can recreate the feeling of getting something new and enjoying it for the first time, and – don’t quote me on this – it probably actually triggers some of the same reward hormone releases that you get when you buy something new.

These unboxing videos can also be useful for people who are considering buying a product. They may be doing their research and considering a few different products. Videos like these give people greater insight into what they can expect from their purchase.

How did they become popular?

The popularity of the unboxing video might have something to do with today’s consumer culture. Being constantly visually assaulted with big bright advertising leaves a gap for wanting to know “the real deal.” Consumers want to know what they are receiving without having to sift through marketing magic and consider what adulteration the advertisers might be making around the product.

The rise of E-commerce and Direct to Consumer (DTC) companies has also changed the game when it comes to marketing. The consumer experience is no longer about getting dressed up to go to the mall and going through the buying journey. This, by the way, is not only about making the purchase but the whole venture of going to different stores, talking to people, going to the food court, discussing pros and cons about the items you might buy, maybe calling a friend, going back and asking the sales representative their opinion, and getting a celebratory ice cream after a successful trip. Many of these steps in the consumer journey no longer exist or are markedly different. Without as many in-person contact points to influence people, companies must bring the consumer experience to people’s homes.

Companies want to leverage people’s social networks and platforms to get their products visibility on the internet and people want to posture their cool experiences. The more interesting and unique the experience of buying/receiving/opening an item, the more likely consumers are to share it with the world. Boxes are no longer just a transportation tool - they are a valuable marketing billboard delivered right into people’s homes.

Companies see the value in making the unboxing of their product an experience, and people who make a living by being an online influencer also see value in doing unboxing videos. Unboxing videos are an easy way to pump out content – the currency of the internet. These videos rack up millions of views as people use them to make more informed buying decisions. You can really do an unboxing video about anything and you don’t need any special skill or talent to do it. It can be a great tool for increasing your exposure on social media. Overall, this phenomenon tends to be a symbiotic relationship between e-commerce companies and social media influencers.

Unboxing Videos at Take It By The Pallet

We do unboxing videos at TIBTP of truckloads of pallets retail store overstock and shelf pulls. Our goal is to take some of the risk out of reselling. We take away the overhead of having to travel to the pallet showing site to make the purchase. Also, we want to give you the peace of mind that you can flip the pallet, because you know what you are getting. We are here to revolutionize the flip. We want to take what has traditionally been characterized as being a high risk / high reward undertaking and make it more accessible by being as transparent as possible and giving you tips from our 30 years of experience in the industry, so anyone who wants to put in the grind can make money flipping.

If you want to view one of our unboxing videos please go to Pallet Unboxing Video. In these videos we open the pallets and see what they have inside. Many truck loads do not come with a manifest, so it is anyone's guess what's inside. This is part of what makes this business so high risk. You never know! We could open it up and find 500 units of Bluetooth speakers that you could resell in your sleep or a truck full of random vacuum parts that you couldn't even pay people to take off of your hands. Each pallet unboxed has an assortment of merchandise that will sell well in a variety store or flea market. Throughout the unboxing video, we will be giving you some tips and our professional opinion on the resell-ability of that pallet.